Reason 172,599,001 as to how I know he’s still a man? The media and society are not using his sexual past to shame him as they would a woman and instead they have totally ignored this glaring problem (you found yourself through child prostitution? Really?) and turned him into a golden calf they shower with money and fame. But that’s how that goes, anytime a person born into a body associated with power and privilege, in this case male, wants to move into an identity associated with less power and privilege, in this case female, people treat it like some kind of sign of progress or revolution. I talked about this here: Labels, Exclusivity of the Privileged and One-sided Social “Progress”.  In other words- men do what the fuck it is they want.

The fact that he even has the balls (pun very much intended) to discuss this so cavalierly and nonchalantly is quite male of him because anything that connects males to sex, even if it’s within a dysfunctional and abusive context, has a lot less social stigma attached to it than it does for women. Obviously, he knows that. That fact has only marginally changed for women.

Reason 329,299 as to how I know he is male? The arrogant self-righteousness. Referring to women- the very people he wants to emulate- as “fish” is totally fine in his brain and just him “sharing his story”, but call him a “he” or a “boy”, it’s a problem and he loses his damn mind (watch the clip here: If he don’t take his  whiny, sexist, double-standard having ass on somewhere…

This was a ranty ass blogging moment (and I could go on and on) I’m entitled to one every now and again. Too much asinine mess going on not to be annoyed with society. I know if women knew half the shit that’s really said about us and how men/transgendered MtF folks really feel about us behind closed doors, they would not be caping for them so damn hard. I have been a fly on the wall and a participant in quite a few social media discussions at this point, so I done got me a fresher pair of eyes on this matter, let’s put it that way.

But women are intentionally left in the dark on certain important facts in order to guarantee their loyalty and buy-in on social changes that will most certainly impact them (i.e bathroom laws, locker rooms, sports teams, scholarships/financial resources).

But in the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

Update: I’m not sure how I missed this fuckshit the first time in my rant, but let’s also talk about how he degrades Harriet Tubman’s efforts to get people out of slavery by comparing that to ushering children into child prostitution, which is perverted and the very opposite of freedom. Fleeing involuntary servitude at the risk of ones own death and the death of those you know and love is not the same as a child being forced to sell sex to adult men. How can someone really sit there and make that kind of comparison and not bat an eyelash? My initial reaction was to ignore that because it’s so insanely offensive and sick that I didn’t really even process it or think it worthy of much thought. But this isn’t the first time the LGBT community hijacks Black/Civil Rights terminology for their own benefit under the guise of “intersectionality” when really that’s just leeching.  Even within this interview, Mock used the expression “a system not built for us” which is very much wording lifted from and commonly associated with the history of Blacks fighting against racial injustice in the United States. I’ve come to learn of another MtF transgendered person Sylvia Rivera being compared to Rosa Parks (a comparison made by a White transgendered activist). Like, how??  I’m trying to recall when women ever enslaved biological males who felt like women, fought a Civil War over the issue, then enacted a series of national codes designed to dehumanize them, including sending them to the back of public transportation and arresting them or beating them if they did not abide. Hmmm, I can’t seem to remember such a time in history.  So how is that analogy even plausible? It’s not. I can understand certain comparisons between marginalized groups but this type of shit is out of control, melodramatic and disrespectful. And when it’s done by groups that have White males as the face like LGBT, that kind of co-opting often comes with a sinister element of erasure of POC and women and revisionism of reality so that it centralizes White people and males in stories that do not belong to them, either at all or exclusively.


Gay Male Janet Mock thinks child prostitution is "empowering" Gay Male Janet Mock thinks child prostitution is “empowering”

A sense of community, sisterhood, resiliency, resources, strength. It was like our underground railroad of resources to navigate a system not built for us. And for me that’s what sex work gave me.”- Janet Mock on his child prostitution experience.

Janet Mock says child prostitution is “liberatory” and “empowering” for transgender children in an article and series of videos he published this week. He describes an “underground railroad” of adult males that introduce transgender minors, including himself, into sexual relations with adult men for pay, which he celebrates as “making us feel desired”.

It is hard to imagine a public figure celebrating child prostitution and publicly testifying to personal knowledge of an “underground railroad” that coveys minors into sexual acts with adults without –at the very least- being questioned by the FBI. But in this case it is supposedly

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