It goes against my self-interest as a Black woman.

Really, I could end the post right there because it’s just that simple. Why would I spend my money and time glorifying men who have done nothing to glorify me and my image but have actually made money off of degrading me and my image? In what world does that make any sense?

Imagine for a moment, if you will, a Black girl teen group singing about making their money from prostitution and selling crack to their community; sang about hiring thugs to kill or beat the shit out of their boyfriends or any dude for even looking at them sideways, and then one of them turns this into a reality when she actually does hire someone to beat up a Black man interviewer, let’s say his name is Q, because she didn’t like the questions Q asked during an interview and when asked later about the assault, the other girls in the group cosign it, with one of them saying “That nigga Q deserved it”; after the assault, Q’s career essentially fades to black and Q is reduced to a punchline in a song or two. In fact, it turned out that this particular member of this Black girl group had a history of hiring thugs to beat and assault her boyfriends and whose only method of rectifying it was to issue a weak and very broad, generalized apology many, many years later. Imagine that this Black girl group frequently sang about assaulting and killing other Black women. Imagine that they spent a significantly large majority of their album time talking about Black men as if Black men are worth less than the toilet paper they wipe their own asses with. Imagine if the vast majority of their music was just violent and inundated with anti-Black sentiments and imagery that glorified the abuse of Black men but because they sang a song once called “Fuck the Police”, the Black community-mostly Black women- heralded them as some kind of revolutionary liberating their people and all their anti-Black lyrics go forgiven virtually overnight. The members of this group make a lot of money from selling a really crappy image of the Black community to the world but they are pretty much always silent when it comes to finding solutions to address the problems that plagued the communities they come from and one of  members of this Black girl group invests money into an already wealthy White school that doesn’t reflect the community the group claimed to represent. Then these women decide that they want to make a movie “telling their story” (cause they somehow didn’t manage to do enough of that already in all their albums), but because they are so deeply anti-Black man and can’t help but to let their anti-Black maleness show in just about everything they do together as a group, they put out a national casting call for the whole wide world to witness, seeking White, Asian, Latino, and Arab or otherwise “exotic-looking” men with big dicks and chiseled bodies to play their “Type A” ideal men but are seeking Black/African/dark-skinned men to play the less ideal “Type D” characters.  Black men note the offensive casting call and start speaking up about it but the group and its reps remain stone silent on the issue, no Black entertainment outlets even mentions the offensive casting call -only a few White media outlets do-and Black men’s irritation, confusion and upset over the offensive casting call goes basically ignored and dismissed.

Let that vision marinate for a second. Got it? Ok. Now imagine when the movie of this Black girl group I just described comes out that Black men en masse – the same group of men who were mercilessly dogged out and dehumanized and degraded by these women through irreverent name-calling and promotion of violence against them, including rape- happily stand in line to support this movie. Now, ask yourself, on a scale from 1 to Dumb As Shit, how dumb would Black men look supporting that film? Pretty dumb I would say. Ok, so maybe “dumb” is too…harsh. How about on a scale from I Am Generally Numb to Abuse to I Am A Sadomasochist, where would these Black men fall on that scale? Exactly.

Black men en masse would never, ever, ever support a film about a Black girl group like that. And why would they? It goes against their self-interests as men. In fact, the mere mention of making a movie to glorify a Black girl group like the one I just described would get shutdown by the Black community at the door, no questions asked.

To prove my point that Black men would never support such a film (again, en masse), ya’ll remember when TLC came out with “No Scrubs”? I know the song is old but bear with me through this example. The song didn’t have so much as a curse word in it to describe the particular subset of (Black) men they were referring to – not one “asshole”, not “nigga”, not “motherfu*ker”- yet a lot of Black men were strangely in their feelings over the song and felt so offended by the lyrics. In no time flat, a Black male group was armed with the rebuttal song entitled “No Pigeons” in a petty and borderline embarrassing attempt to clap back. And that dumb song received airplay, shamelessly riding off the popularity of “No Scrubs”. If the tamed “No Scrubs” song could cause such a stir among Black men, why are Black women being asked to ignore NWA’s disrespectful and dehumanizing lyrics under the guise of supporting  Black men  the Black community and promoting Black male economic development? On a scale of 1 to That’s Asking Black Women for Too Damn Much, where do we fall? Exactly.

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Black woman. Birthright Woman. Twenty-something. Writer. Thinker. Dancer. Singer. Lawyer. Matriarchist. Afro-wearer. History and genealogy enthusiast. Bronx born, Harlem rooted, Queens adopted & Brooklyn educated. This blog is where I share my thoughts on the world.

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