I got an email a few days ago letting me know that an album I pre-ordered was available to download. But because I’m so amazing with my Itunes settings, I didn’t have to do a thing and the album was already in my library. All I had to do was click Play. Yes! I love this artist, I have all their albums, and this album is already creating a buzz. Winning!

And then I checked my other emails, browsed a blog, checked IG, messed around with the settings on wordpress to get the theme just right, and generally went on about my day. I went on about a few of my days, actually, and I have yet to listen to this album. As much as I love the convenience of downloading music, I really miss the ritual of going to the store to purchase music. It was an event. I had to have the time to go to the store to find the album-maybe even a few stores if it was sold out. Perusing the aisles for the album, locating it with glee, reading the track listing on the back, rushing home, ripping off the plastic wrapping and that irritating sticker strip so that I could finally pop that cd in while obsessively thumbing through the booklet- all for the love of the artist’s work. And if they were kind enough to bless me with a copy of the lyrics? Done! I’m in their zone for the rest of the evening.

But now, there’s no spark. Having an entire album appear in my music library is just so anti-climatic! It took zero effort to get the music and there’s nothing tangible. Even the booklet is digital. It doesn’t feel real. It’s so monotonous.  Ya just scroll on through. No! I want more.  So I do this thing of waiting for days to listen to new albums, waiting for that perfect day. Like when I know I’ll be in my car for awhile or at home with little distractions so I can really be in my zone. All to make it feel real because the spark is gone.

I’m just trying to get that old thing back.



Black woman. Birthright Woman. Twenty-something. Writer. Thinker. Dancer. Singer. Lawyer. Matriarchist. Afro-wearer. History and genealogy enthusiast. Bronx born, Harlem rooted, Queens adopted & Brooklyn educated. This blog is where I share my thoughts on the world.

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